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PGY-4 Curriculum


The PGY-4 year is the most flexible of the 3 years of training, with five months of elective time to pursue academic or clinical interests. It's also a year of increased responsibility, with several rotations in which the PGY-4 functions as the senior resident in charge of a ward or consult service, preparing the resident to function as a junior attending. By the end of the year, PGY-4 residents are fully competent and capable of practicing independently.

The PGY-4 curriculum is as follows (Roll over the items for descriptions):

Grady wards (12 weeks)

VA chief (2 weeks)

Emory consults (6 weeks)

Psychiatry (4 weeks)

Neuropathology (2 weeks)

Elective (20 weeks)

Vacation (4 weeks)