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Message from the Program Director

We welcome your interest in our Neurology Residency Program. Our three-year training program is fully accredited by the ACGME and provides training positions for 24 residents in adult neurology. We offer our residents an outstanding educational experience with a rich and varied clinical exposure, excellent teaching, and unique research opportunities. With uniquely distinct rotations at the Emory University and Grady campuses, our residents see a highly diverse patient population representing the full spectrum of neurologic disorders. Patients of every age, socioeconomic level, and cultural heritage seek care in the Emory healthcare system, which is ranked second in quality care among the University HealthSystem Consortium for 2012. Our clinical and research faculty, representing virtually every area in neurology and the neurosciences, is committed to delivering the finest possible care to patients by bringing the fruits of research and the latest advances in technology to bear on clinical disorders. Integrated clinical and research programs provide in-depth exposure during residency and fellowship opportunities for those wishing to specialize further. Standing sixth in the nation in NIH Neurology research funding for 2012, we are able to provide residents with the opportunity to work closely with faculty members engaged in a wide variety of basic and clinical research. We are convinced that the Neurology Training Program at Emory provides one of the best opportunities in the nation for clinical and research training in Neurology and invite you to share in our vision for the future.

Core Values of the Emory Neurology Residency Training Program

  • We recognize that learning is inherently communal in nature. We strive to promote an environment which nurtures the professional interaction necessary to strengthen our neurologic community.
  • We believe that students learn best by interacting with a subject and are committed to drawing medical students and junior colleagues into the process of active learning.
  • We welcome diversity, encourage critical inquiry, and embrace paradox in the constant act of reconciling established concepts with new evidence in the process of life-long learning.
  • We treat people with respect and believe that individuals who are given respect and responsibility respond by giving their best.
  • We strive for excellence and require honesty and integrity in all we do.
  • We recognize that intellectual rigor is required to amass neurological knowledge; likewise, an ethos of trust, compassion, and respect is essential to creating a future neurologist.
  • We recognize our limits as well as our capabilities and act accordingly at all times.