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William Tyor, MD

Department of Neurology

Neuroscience Academic Coordinator
Atlanta VA Medical Center

Phone: 404-778-3444

Fax: 404-728-4715


Dr. Tyor graduated from Emory University with a BS in Biology and then Duke University School of Medicine. He completed two years of Internal Medicine residency at Emory and his neurology residency at Baylor College of Medicine. He then completed a fellowship in neuroimmunology/neurovirology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Department of Neurology. He served on the faculty at Johns Hopkins for 7 years where he participated in research and was Co-Director of the MS Clinic from 1990 to 1992. He moved to the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC. He was there for 16 years and rose to the rank of Professor. He was Director of the MUSC MS Center and Chief of Neurology at the Charleston VAMC. His research during that time was again focused on neuroimmunology and neurovirology. He moved to Emory as Professor in the Department of Neurology in 2008. He is Co-Director of the Emory/Atlanta VA MS Center and Neuroscience Academic Coordinator at the Atlanta VAMC. He continues with his research using animal models of disease and culture systems to investigate neuroimmunological and virological causes of cognitive dysfunction as well as investigating the cause and treatment of these problems in his patients. Clinics at the Atlanta VA and Emory focus on neuroinflammatory diseases of the central nervous system including multiple sclerosis and infections.

Selected Publications

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