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Venkatagiri Krishnamurthy, PhD

Research Associate
Department of Neurology

Research Associate
Atlanta VA Center for Visual and Neurocognitive Rehabilitation

Phone: 404-727-1578



Dr. Krishnamurthy is currently a research associate in the Dept. of Neurology, Emory University, and Atlanta VA Center for Visual and Neurocognitive Rehabilitation (CVNR). During the course of his doctoral and post-doctoral training, he gained significant experience and a deeper understanding for cerebral hemodynamics, neurophysiology of resting-state and task networks, as well as multi-modal imaging. Dr. Krishnamurthy’s primary research centers around advanced methodological development of image analysis and physiology-based interpretation of MR signals, and includes: (1) investigating the nature of different sources of artifacts (physiological noise and task-correlated motion) in resting-state and task fMRI data, and developing methodologies to mitigate such artifacts (2) developing MR-based tools/methodologies to better understand the brain physiology at systems level, (3) combined GABA and GLX MR Spectroscopy with task and resting-state fMRI to explore specific questions related to healthy aging, aging-related neurological disorders, language and reading networks, and (4) integrating resting-state fMRI with non-invasive tools such as transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) for neuro-rehabilitation purposes. As the lead Engineer at CVNR Neuroimaging Core, Dr. Krishnamurthy is heavily involved in multiple multi-modal neuroimaging projects spanning Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Stroke, healthy aging, and cohorts undergoing exercise, dance and tDCS intervention.