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The Neuropsychology Program in the Department of Neurology is an active participant in each of the three primary missions of Emory University: Clinical Service, Research, Education  

Clinical Service  

The Neuropsychology Program in the Department of Neurology offers clinical support to Emory physicians providing care to patients with neurologic or neuropsychiatric disease.   Neuropsychological testing uses specialized measures of cognition such as memory, attention, and problem solving that are sensitive to brain function.  Neuropsychological evaluations are performed at the request of Emory physicians for the purposes of establishing a diagnosis to facilitate patient care, measuring the degree of cognitive change associated with established brain impairment, determining whether there have been changes in cognitive or behavioral function over time, and establishing risks of intervention associated with specialized treatment s such as brain surgery or electrical stimulation.  


Because Emory is a major research university, many Emory patients participate in clinical research to allow researchers to better understand how various neurologic conditions affect cognition and behavior.   Neuropsychology faculty have developed successful programs through NIH and foundation grants to investigate areas such as memory compensation strategies for patients with mild cognitive impairment as well as effects of epilepsy surgery on language and semantic memory.  Faculty also participate in established clinical programs  in Cognitive Neurology, Epilepsy, Movement Disorders, and Stroke in treatment intervention trials that are designed either to improve neuropsychological abilities, or to minimize neuropsychological side effects associated with treatment.   The Neuropsychology Program has research programs that relate neuropsychological abilities to underlying brain structure and function using advanced techniques such as MRI and functional MRI.  We are grateful to patient participation in our research studies so that better understanding of neurologic disease and treatment intervention will decrease the burden of disease for future generations.  


Educational opportunities are available for students exploring practicum and internship placement.  Practicum opportunities are arranged through individual neuropsychology faculty.  The Neuropsychology Program also participates in Emory’s Division 40 APA Approved Neuropsychology Internship.  Emory accepts 3 interns per year, with rotations in Geriatric Neuropsychology (Emory Neurology), Rehabilitation Neuropsychology (Emory Rehabilitation Medicine), and Pediatric Neurology (Children’s Hospital of Atlanta).