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Lab Team

Srikant Rangaraju, MBBS, MS SR Updated
Assistant Professor and Principal Investigator

I am a board-certified Neurologist and early-career physician scientist with expertise in Vascular Neurology and have been a faculty member at Emory University since 2014. After a post-doc fellowship at Dr. George Chandy’s lab in UC Irvine, I came to Emory for Neurology residency, followed by fellowship training at University of Pittsburgh. Through my research, I hope to help us to better understand immune mechanisms in neurological diseases and my ultimate goal is to identify novel therapeutic strategies for neurodegenerative diseases and stroke, with potential for rapid translation to patients.

A.RazaSyed Ali Raza, MBBS
Post-doctoral research fellow

I am a medical graduate aspiring to become a physician-scientist. Since joining the Rangaraju lab, I have been trying to understand immune mechanisms pertinent to neurodegenerative disorders. I intend to pursue Neuroimmunology and glial biology as my research interests. I enjoy playing and watching football (read: soccer), reading a bit of Physics and exploring new places. 

H.XiaoHailian Xiao
Research Specialist-Lead

I received my B.S. from Hunan Traditional Medical University in China in 1998. I joined department of Biology at Emory University as a research specialist in 2006. In 2017, I joined the Rangaraju laboratory to study microglia-mediated immune mechanisms in neurological diseases using biochemistry and molecular biology methods.

PriyaPriyadarshi Rathakrishnan
Undergraduate Student

TianwenTianwen Giao
Visiting graduate student, Xiangya School of Medicine CSU, China

I majored in clinical medicine at Xiangya School of Medicine, Central South University (CSU), and my research interests lie is neuroscience. I was selected by Emory and CSU to receive two-years of hands-on research training at Emory School of Medicine. My ultimate goal is to become a Physician-Scientist, a doctor who is capable of performing outstanding scientific research and equipped with excellent clinic skills.